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What Helps Your MedTech Survive?

Hey there!

I'm writing just to let you know our latest interview has been published thanks to great guys at So we covered the most frequently asked questions to help you gain expertise to have your medical device registered in the new global HealthTech markets, including the EU, faster and at lower costs.

Been just thinking about bringing your MedTech product to the EU market? Then I hope our interview, though published in Russian, may help you learn a few more lifehacks. It will also bring about a few skills to train yourself to ask either yourself or any consultancy on your way questions tailored to the specific needs of your team. Hope our talk may help you avoid creating empty expectations among investors, too, while developing your project and making your dreams come true.

How to determine if a product is a medical device or not? And what might be the class risk of the MD? How to get certified and have your product registered for the EU, US, or the Russian markets? Where could you better have your office registered to foster the go-to-market strategy in the new market? How to validate an idea faster? How much time and costs does one need to run a digital health project smoothly?

Please follow the link below to learn more. If you've got any further questions, write us directly through the contacts form. We speak your language.

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