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For Startups & Spinoffs In Digital Health

Grow your business faster & promote investments

We help strong ideas in digital health and medtech nurture their way to reality giving the business a breakthrough in growth.

Firstly, we examine how competitive the target market for your product is. Secondly, we look into which of the trail paths might be most recommendable to let you gain your goals.


Moreover, we’ve been continuously developing new programs in partnership with other consultancies to let us offer you the synergy of "smart money" advice combining compliance, finance, market mega trends and IP legal services. Get in touch with us to learn more about how these services can help you.

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For Investors & Accelerators In Digital Health Business

Follow your dream & nurture your breed

With years of experience and the support by our partners, we at XportKat strive to accumulate the synergy of combining both the compliance risk assessment for our investing customers and help their financial support foster the most outstanding ideas in medtech. At XportKat, we combine our insights and inspiration to turn out your dreams of improving the lifestyle quality of the humankind into a fast-growing medtech business. We’re proud to help shape and boost how our work has given way to a number of advanced businesses.

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For Mature Business In Medtech

Bring your products to new markets sooner

For a mature company we boast genuine long-term services to support your business goals. We also may offer projects aimed at helping you transform your business workflows and operations to implement various types of international standards in cyber security, medical device manufacturing and general management. Besides, our consulting subscriptions may help you reach a competence in your market faster and at lower costs.

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